Monday, January 3, 2011

Gronk guest strip.

About a month ago, renowned artist and Katie Cook asked me (as well as a host of other awesomely talented folk) if I'd do a guest strip or pin-up for her successful webcomic Gronk, about a girl and her monster. You see, Katie was pregnant, and fit to burst around the start of the Yuletide season. She didn't want there to be a lack of new posts for her strip while she was getting to know her new spawn, so she asked around for some of her artist friends to help out. Needless to say, I was quite surprised, but also very honoured that she included me in the group of folks she queried. I'm pleased to also tell you that Katie gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby girl, who she and her husband, Ryan Wilcox named Grayson, on the wee early morning hours of Dec. 21 (solstice baby!). Big congratulations to Katie and Ryan on their new arrival. You can check out Katie's weekly webcomic here and her sketchblog of fantasticness here. Do so, won't you? And send her some money. She's nice. And she now has an extra mouth to feed.
Oh yeah, here's the comic I did for her.